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  Thursday, July 30, 2009  
california fails again
At a last minute press meeting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, decided to cut ALL of the state's funding for domestic violence shelters. Catalyst's, a DV Shelter that relies heavily on state funding to operate, Executive Director Anastacia Snyder states, "We were bracing for the 20 percent cut, but did not believe the governor could, with a clear conscience, cut 100 percent of funding for services that keep women and children safe and alive."

It is unbelievable how quickly decisions like this can be made. What is more astonishing to me, is that in order for this to go into effect numerous people had to agree upon the cut. I cannot believe that the government in California cannot see how detrimental this will be for all of California's residents.

If you know anyone who is a California resident, send them here to sign a petition to urge CA lawmakers to reinstate the funding :

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  Sunday, July 26, 2009  
How to Confront Rape Jokes
In this article from Mother Jones magazine, Jen Philips responds to a co-worker's tweet on a rape joke. First, she lists the possible ways to confront a rape joke:
1. Keep quiet and feel uncomfortable.

2. Try to top the joke with a more offensive one.

3. Initiate a Very Serious Conversation in which you state rape is never funny.

4. Initiate a Very Serious Conversation II in which you disclose your own rape, and mention that you were definitely NOT laughing during it.

5. Talk outside the box. As in, "I knew this guy in college, and he totally got raped during rush and had to go to the doctor! He's in therapy now! It was hilarious!"

The author writes, "I always feel the strong obligation to confront the joke, wait a few seconds hoping someone else will do it for me, then finally give in and say something. None of the options above sound like much fun, but I guess if I had to pick one I'd do #5 because at least then you don't put yourself in the category of the patronizing mega-feminist as parodied in Away We Go."

There aren't many who feel comfortable and confident enough to initiate a serious conversation when in a joking atmosphere, and can also be okay with being labeled a "Debby Downer." One study in the article explains why we feel this, "'People have a general desire to be liked and to appear competent' but those who confront racism or sexism 'are generally neither well-liked nor perceived as competent. Instead, they are often disliked, viewed as troublemakers, or seen as having problematic personalities.'"

Furthermore, "as one study found, though many women say they'd confront sexist behavior, very few actually do. So just because other women don't say anything when they hear a rape joke, doesn't mean they condone it."

The author goes on to suggest education and not confrontation should be used to stop rape jokes. The author writes, "educating young men, jocks and frat boys especially, on male-on-male rape has been found to not only increase empathy and sensitivity toward female rape victims, but to actually increase willingness to confront their peers' behaviors."

As feminists, we try to confront, critique, and combat sexism, racism, and other types of derogatory language and behavior. But when we are outside the Women's studies classroom, our ideas can be found patronizing or be disregarded and mocked. If true, then how else can we stop apathetic and offensive attitudes towards rape, attitudes that can deter victims from seeking criminal prosecution because of a fear what happened to them won't be taken seriously by authorities either?

Where does feminism play a role in this and do we have to manage our feminist practices to best confront rape jokes? Can achieving feminist goals sometimes mean that we have to put feminism on the backburner?
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  Sunday, July 12, 2009  
Before you kiss, better look around for Mormons first!

"Gay Couple Detained after Kiss near LDS Temple"

If anyone's ever visited Salt Lake City, it only has about a 50% Mormon population. It's not a bad place - it has some nice restaurants, decent shopping and it's close to some pretty fantastic ski spots. Oh...what I'd give to have takeout from this one Indian place in SLC....but I digress.

There's a (privately-owned since 2003) square in the center of the city where the Mormon Church owns a Temple and an Office Building. It's also where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir auditions. It's called "Temple Square" and the church has done it up to look like a park. Lots of fountains and flowers. Very pretty for an evening walk whether you're Mormon or not.

So, between the fact that it used to be a public square and the fact that there are no specific signs posted besides a general "patrons may be asked to leave if behaving inappropriately" sign, you can't really blame a gay couple for taking a stroll through the square on their way home and sharing a kiss. A KISS ON THE CHEEK.

But apparently Mormons can. They were asked, by Mormon heavies, to leave the square and, when they refused, they were ARRESTED. Not escorted from the property - ARRESTED. They were told that there were no Public Displays of Affection allowed on the Square, which is completely outrageous: you go there any day of the week and you'll find dozens of smooching hetero-Mormons.

First Prop 8 and now this. I can't believe this stuff sometimes. I'm so angry about this I don't even know what to type anymore. So I'm done. Just wanted to show you guys some really ridiculous stuff.
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  Tuesday, July 7, 2009  
tantalizing tresses
Here at the Radigals headquarters we watch copious clips of Sarah Haskins snarky cultural commentary. Actually, we are the unofficial fan club of Sarah, the current tv personality. In this clip, she enlightens viewers with a look at the quest for perfect hair through pop culture's ever-growing fascination of long shiny hair that frolicks in the wind and chic shampoo and hair products that will get you to where you want to go in life. One thing these commercials forget to highlight, time and time again, is the secret ingredient to shampoo and conditioner mixes, which is...placenta! That's right, Grade A afterbirth! Your friend in the shower, proudly serving scalps since 1952.

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  Monday, July 6, 2009  
Take my job!
This is a great job, especially for someone just starting out who is interested in working in domestic violence prevention! Located in Yonkers, NY :)
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  Sunday, July 5, 2009  
Jem VS Le Tigre - Deceptacon
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