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  Thursday, August 20, 2009  
Oh Media, if you only understood biology and feminism
Covering the news today is the "controversy" about the South African runner, Caster Semenya, who is currently under investigation. She will be under going various tests including a genital examination by a gynecologist, an ultrasound to see if its ovaries or testicles that have not descended, and a hormone test to see if she has high levels of testosterone circulating.

The Critique: I'm not in the field...yet...but wouldn't a genetic makeup test be easier and possibly less expensive than all of these separate examinations. Not all intersex individuals can be easily placed in the male or female category (because gender is a spectrum damnit!). I have a bone to pick with the media. Gender and sex are not the same thing. What they are searching for is her sex (male, female, intersex). She could identify with any gender she feels like. Wouldn't it make sense to knock out the old XX or XY question in one test.

The rest of the controversy goes on to state that:

The 18-year-old won gold in the 800 meters race Wednesday but she may be forced to return the medal if she fails a gender-verification test imposed by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).
Her failing the test would be what exactly? being male? And what if she displays hermaphrodite qualities? This is all really interesting how this will play out. If Caster is intersexed could their be an intersexed division of athletics or would they not be allowed to participate at all?

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